Miss America Program Print Wall Art From The 60's

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dress Your Walls With Miss America 1960 Program Prints. All are in color. We have 1960 Lynda Mead , 1964 Donna Axum, 1966 Deborah Bryant, 1968 Debra Dene Barnes, and 1969
Judi Ford. All would look great matted and framed.

 Miss America 1960 Program Miss America 1964 Program Miss America 1966 Program Miss America 1968 Program Miss America 1969 Program

Stars Lie Hidden In Your Soul (Wolf Galaxy) by Soaring Anchor Designs

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stars Lie Hidden In Your Soul (Wolf Galaxy) Framed Art Print

Framed Art Print / Scoop Black MEDIUM (Gallery) (20" x 26")


Few animals evoke the wild like wolves. Majestic, rangy and highly social, wolves play a crucial role in driving evolution and helping calibrate nature’s complex relationships.

Once — before bounties, a federal extermination program and expansive human settlement — wolves roamed freely throughout most of the United States. Scientists estimate there were once some 2 million of the animals living wild in North America.

By the 1960s, when wolves were finally protected under a precursor to the Endangered Species Act, they had been exterminated from all of the contiguous United States except a portion of Minnesota and Isle Royale National Park — victims of an unwillingness, on the part of the livestock industry, to coexist.

Protection under the Endangered Species Act helped wolves tremendously. But now, with recovery incomplete, many wolves prematurely removed from the endangered species list, and others persecuted even while ostensibly protected, the gray wolf is in renewed danger.